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Short Term Warehousing

Efficient Solutions for Short Term Warehousing Needs

To meet just about any need, Murphy Logistics provides seasonal, temporary, and short term warehousing space. For clients with temporary warehouse space requirements, we provide a secure and safe monitored, temperature-controlled warehouse space in the Twin Cities as well as the Kansas City area.

Benefits of Using Temporary Warehouse Space

Seasonality in business means there is not always a consistent need for long term warehousing and storage needs. Fortunately, Murphy Logistics understands this and offers the perfect solution in the form of our seasonal warehousing solutions.

Businesses and retailers who face inconsistency in business, or who face the challenge of needing only temporary warehouse space, can keep their bigger seasonal products in short-term, third-party seasonal warehousing with Murphy. This makes storing your products or materials with us the ideal solution for seasonal demand spikes.

All of our temporary or short term warehousing options provide easy access and centralized locations for shipping across the Midwest, just as our long-term warehousing options do.

Seasonal Warehousing Solutions

Our facilities are perfect for meeting your short term warehousing needs because you only pay for the space you actually use. This agreement may be the most economical way to support seasonal business needs or unique regional projects.

We have the ability to meet your changing storage demands thanks to our available bulk, floor, and regular pallet rack space.

Do you require longer-term storage for your inventory? We can also take care of your inventory with our long-term warehousing for however long you require. Murphy Logistics works with your company to help you expand your products and services throughout the Midwest when you’re looking for a 3PL logistics solutions on which suppliers can rely.

When to Use Short Term Warehousing

Short-term storage typically refers to holding items for less than 90 days. This enables businesses to fulfill peaks in demand for products without incurring commitments or long-term contracts. The best uses of short-term warehousing are:

  • Start Ups
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Special Projects
  • New Product Releases
  • Managing overflow in inventory
  • Preserving early cargo
  • Holding foreign shipments temporarily

There are two main categories of warehousing: short-term and long-term. Anything shorter than three months can be used to define short term warehousing. The majority of the time, items in short-term warehousing are kept in a way that makes them accessible and enables easy removal when the time comes. Here are a few more instances where a business might want short-term storage.

Moving Facilities

If you’re moving your office or place of business, you might need a place to store the furniture, tools, and goods while you’re moving them. This is especially true if you have to relocate while your new place is still being finished up.

Short-term storage is necessary because you won’t need to keep your stuff there for very long. When your new location is prepared, you can easily access your stuff in this manner.

Remember that even while temporarily storing items like electronics, you might still need to make sure that they are in a climate-controlled setting. If you have to keep them somewhere cold or hot during the winter or summer, do this.

Differing Delivery Endpoints

Consider the scenario where you need to import goods that will be distributed among multiple locations. You can save money by having everything transported to one short-term storage place rather than having to have three separate shipments.

Your things can then be divided up and delivered exactly where you need them. This saves you money, enables you to receive everything more quickly, and lowers the likelihood that one of the shipments may be delayed.

Whatever your need, Murphy Logistics is the perfect custom storage partner for your unique business needs. We offer diverse solutions that work for your custom strategy, allowing you to achieve your goals and plan more efficiently for the future.

The Perfect Temporary Warehouse Space Solution

If you need short-term storage to accommodate demand spikes and still need accommodations, such as floor space and storage racks, then you can use our customizable short term warehousing services. Your merchandise is still received and monitored in our inventory system even though we are providing short term warehousing solutions. Our temporary warehouse space is ideal for businesses like yours. Discuss your specific needs with our team and allow us to help you today!