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Heavy Haul Millwright and Rigging

Experienced onsite solutions for moving and installing equipment

Murphy Logistics handles products of all types for clients across various industries with differing shapes and sizes. This sometimes leads to the need for a specialized team to handle unique projects where things are oversized and require heavy-haul capabilities. When these projects arise, our team at Murphy Rigging and Erecting is there to properly and professionally handle all of the oversized and unique jobs that require experience and specific equipment. We’ve been offering quality service for these types of projects for over 110 years, so we are confident we can take care of you.

Murphy Rigging and Erecting, a business partner of Murphy Logistics, specializes in the handling of overweight and oversized products and machinery, including moving and installation. This team handles projects such as heavy hauling over the road to complex machinery installations that require the skills of experienced millwright professionals. Moving heavy items has become a simple task for them thanks to a range of tools and equipment designed specifically for this type of job. A fleet of modern forklifts, gantry systems, boom trucks, truck cranes, and specialized tractor/trailers means that Murphy Rigging can deliver on any heavy haul project throughout the US.

Specialized Crane Work

Rigging jobs couldn’t be completed without experienced crane work. Murphy Rigging has a wide array of options for cranes available to take on any job large or small. When it comes to rigging, you can’t move heavy equipment without the proper equipment. Our fleet of specialized cranes allows us to lift and move heavy machinery and materials easily. There are several different types of cranes – using the correct crane for a specific job is important. Our fleet includes truck-mounted cranes, telescopic cranes, loader cranes, and more.

Millwright and Rigging Services Expertise

After moving things, the next step is often the setup and installation of machinery and equipment. This is common in manufacturing facilities and production plants. This is why millwright and machinery installation is another specialty at Murphy Rigging. Our team of Millwrights can install this expensive and valuable equipment on location to meet the exact customer’s specifications. Millwrights are highly trained professionals with experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of machinery. They use equipment such as bolters and welders to properly place and align complex machinery. When needed, they also have the expertise to fabricate parts and materials to make everything work properly. This skillset of cutting, welding, fitting, and placing allows them to handle any job you may have.

Oversized Storage

When you have a large piece of machinery or valuable materials that you do not currently have a use for, Murphy offers oversized storage so these items have a safe place to reside. The storage facilities at Murphy take size into consideration with both indoor and outdoor spaces specifically for oversized storage. For outdoor storage, Murphy has plenty of yard space where your items can sit safely. When it comes to indoor storage, we have large doors that allow flatbed trucks to be pulled right into the building where our team of industry veterans with 20+ years of experience on average, can safely unload your items and place them in storage.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul and over dimensional moving is another aspect of millwright and rigging and is one of the strong capabilities that Murphy offers. Wide load banners are a normal part of the job with this crew, and our experienced team can handle projects of any size. Murphy has tri-axle, tilt bed, and multi-level (step deck) trailers available leaving us capable of dealing with any and all projects we face. Murphy doesn’t just do the hauling. We are also experts in pulling the correct permits, finding effective routes, and lining up the proper escorts to safely move oversized items. As your beginning-to-end partner when it comes to heavy haul trucking, Murphy Rigging has you covered.

Rigging Services

As a partner with Murphy Logistics, Murphy Rigging regularly works with the following industries when millwright and rigging services are needed;

  • Houses of Worship 
  • Arts and Museums
  • Manufacturing
  • Medicine
  • Printing
  • Research, Academics, and Science
  • Sculpture
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Aviation
  • Brewing
  • Building and Construction
  • Defense

With best-in-class service, equipment, and experience, Murphy’s project management skills are second to none. If you have a specialized job and are in need of millwright and rigging services, call Murphy first.